TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE…MUCH MORE! Hitherto each idara was catering to the needs and demands that the CoViD Crisis placed before it. Resulting in this help was sporadic, sometimes disjointed and most often tiring for the volunteers.

Fund collection was becoming difficult. Each idara was reaching out to the same pool of donors causing fragmentation of contribution. Also, the beneficiaries were misusing the multiple idaras their benefit thereby impacting the resources.

With the formation of the JAC management:

• Funds and material was measured.

• Doctor panel is collective and better accessible

• Common Ambulance service.

• Sharing of all resources from medication to oxygen cylinders n concentrators

• Deployment of volunteer more effective

• Division of duties

• Formation of teams

MISSION: Countering the CoVID Crisis by Together we can do more…much more.

VISION: Countering the scourge caused by the CoVID Crisis