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25 May

Send Donation

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our lives. People are losing jobs in record numbers. Millions of families are struggling to make ends meet and care for loved ones. Many are out of work, facing mounting piles of bills and increased responsibilities for groceries, rent payments, medical supplies, and so much more. But in the face of this crisis, communities are coming together in beautiful and effective ways to empower each other in these unprecedented times.

We need to come together against COVID in 2021 to ensure that the most vulnerable are not deprived of the most necessities from buying groceries to paying rent or electricity bills, Medical support, Medical Aid, Oxygen cylinders, Oxygen Concentrators, food, sanitation supplies, and access to dignified and safe work, while we fight the pandemic together now and going forward.

What many people need now, more than ever, is the financial help to weather this unexpected storm. Whether you can contribute $25 or $100, or whatever your means allow, 100% of your donation will go directly to an eligible household without delay.

Together, we can weather this crisis. As we find the way forward, cash is critical, and kindness is key. Together, we can build even deeper community connections to support everyone as we emerge from this pandemic.

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